Our manufacturing is structured around lean manufacturing concepts including autonomous cellular manufacturing cells. Each cell has dedicated staff, account management, purchasing, engineering, quality, repairs and afters sales resources with the sole objective of achieving your needs.

Each cellular manufacturing line is equipped with the latest surface mount equipment, through hole and box build technology with shared resources in design, microelectronics and conformal coat.

Surface Mount Technology

Each manufacturing cell within Axis Electronics has a range of smt equipment and processes optimised for product changeovers, chosen to best match the high mix, low to medium volume manufacturing needs of the customer.

Our smt lines within the manufacturing cells are experienced in complex and fine pitch smt process techniques including use of a wide range of substrates including FR4, Polyimide, Ceramic, Rogers, PTFE, Flexi-Rigid and metal backed laminates.
100% right first time is achieved with Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) combined with in line real time shop floor data capture work stations, in house 3D X-ray and BGA rework, moisture sensitive controls and IPC-A-610 Class 3 or MIL STD 2000  as standard.

Prototypes and NPI

Axis Electronics has an established prototype and new product introduction (NPI) process, geared for fast turn, high quality first offs, with lots of design feedback to the customer.

We take all your available information, input this into our manufacturing system, and generate high quality process instructions that will lead to a repeatable product in the future.  So unless you tell us otherwise, any prototypes will be built to the same standard as a product delivered to the end user. And all prototypes, new products or design changes will come with a build report that identifies what can be done better, including design suggestions.

Through Hole, Conventional Assembly

The manufacturing cells within Axis Electronics have a wide ‘conventional assembly’ skills base and a range of specialised equipment matching the needs of high mix, low to medium volume manufacturing.

This includes automated component forming, and each cell is equipped with laser guided semi-automated workstations, programmable inert atmosphere Selective Soldering Stations and shared resources with inert atmosphere leaded and lead free flow solder machines.

Although an established technology, our customers continue to have requirements for this technology and we have invested in both processes and people to ensure this remains a core element of our business.

System Integration (Box Build)

Axis Electronics completes higher level integration and assembly of high mix, high complexity products, with significant end of line product configuration and system integration.

We carry out a wide range of mechanical assembly and higher level box build and system integration activities. This starts with assembly of cable looms and backplanes, right through to fully assembled and tested complex integrated products ready for immediate shipment to end customer.

This higher level integration work is completed in a dedicated area specially equipped for maximum efficiency and minimum changeover times.

In House Conformal Coating

Axis Electronics provides a conformal coating service using a range of coating materials. This includes a fully dedicated facility, housing an automated conformal coating process.

We have a purpose built lab, with a temperature and humidity controlled environment, equipped with a selective conformal coat robot especially chosen for its ability to match the needs of low volume, high reliability applications. Included in the process is automatic aqueous pre cleaning with ionographic verification. Fiducial alignment provides very precise dispensing.

Repairs and After Sales Service

Customers have a need to support their product in the field and Axis Electronics provides a repair service that not only covers products manufactured by the company, but products from any source.


All repair work is in accordance with IPC7721A and our capability includes:

  • Diagnostics and fault reporting
  • BGA rework and re-balling
  • X-Ray BGA and inner layer fault diagnosis
  • Track cuts and replacement
  • Plated through hole re-barrelling
  • Wire adds and modifications