Using a methodology of ‘complementary’ testing we work to maximise test coverage by the utilisation of all the appropriate test resources, to budget, to ensure only a reliable product, suitably tested for its working environment is delivered to you and your customers.

From in process verification, production test development and Environmental Screening we have a wide range of solutions suited to low to medium volume, high reliability applications.

In Process Verification

In process controls and verification is a key step in the manufacturing process to help guarantee 100% right first time yield at functional test. In cases where the customer wants to retain functional test capability Axis Electronics relies on this process as the main quality control mechanism to ensure that the shipped product will pass functional test at the customer premises. Final Test yields are consistently high as a result of a first rate in process verification process.

In particular in we have in house facilities to carry out 2D vision aligned solder paste deposition with a solder paste height check, Real time Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) with in line rework stations, 3D X-Ray process monitoring of BGA’s and mechanical joints, In circuit bed of nail testing, Flying probe testing and JTAG boundary scan.

Production Test development

The Axis Electronics test team have all the skills and experience in house to develop a complete test strategy, selecting the most appropriate mix from AOI, XRAY, Flying Probe, JTAG, Device programming and functional test.

The company employs a method of complementary testing to ensure maximum test coverage, at an optimum budget.

We have invested significantly in the test area including a dedicated area for JTAG, Labview and Test Stand development and have a wide range of experience in test automation and instrument control. Our wide range of test skills and resources include:

  • Automation using Labview and Test Stand over interfaces including PCI, Ethernet and GPIB.
  • JTAG and XJTAG programme development
  • RF Test capabilities
  • High voltage (HV) Testing
  • High Speed Digital Testing
  • System Test and Product End of Line Configuration.
  • On / off board programming of electronically programmable devices (E)PLD’s
  • Fabmaster Diagnostic Tools

Environmental Screening

Axis Electronics has the capability to complete both design assurance activity environmental testing and routine Production Environmental Test Screening, including testing at extreme temperatures. The company’s facility is designed to match the varying needs of the customer, for example pressure testing at 5000psi.

The dedicated environmental lab includes chambers with +125 to -55C at 15 degrees per minute across range without nitrogen cooling, with nitrogen the ramp rates are boosted to 30c per minute.

Powered test at temperature is routinely carried out at +150 to -70C.