Axis Electronics currently support customers in many  challenging market sectors, see the list below for some examples. All our of core competencies are transferrable into supply chains where complex electronics systems manufacturing and test is required with product delivered on time, every time  - typically we work with customers who require a product manufactured in the UK with the chosen manufacturing partner certified to AS9100 rev.C (roadmap to rev.D) and an accreditation to SC21 Silver is desired. Our customers typically have a product mix which is high, with low to medium volume manufacturing batches. Manufacturing processes are often complex, test and test development support is required, full material supply chain management is essential and a high level of communication is expected.  

We invest in our  manufacturing capabilities to meet the evolving technology demands and we work closely with both customers, suppliers and industry groups to ensure we are introducing the latest new technology as appropriate to improve manufacturing performance or capacity, increase the capabilities we offer our customers, and reduce unecessary costs and lead times.

Please view our markets page for your particular sector and we would be delighted to discuss with you your particular requirements. Please use the contact details indicated in our 'Contact' page to start the ball rolling. We look forward to hearing from you.