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The team at Axis have been part of the defence supply chain for over 25 years.

We produce high reliability equipment for Land, Air, Unmanned, Sea and Sub-Sea applications and continue to work with the world’s largest prime and tier 1 companies. We are a part of the supply chain for both the UK MoD and also the US DoD and view the responsibility entrusted in us with great importance. Axis is an A|D|S member, a Defence Growth Partnership member and an SC21 multi Silver Award winner.

Axis Electronics has a long history of supporting major defence programs that remain in service for many years. To this end Axis has developed a team that can support customers’ long term requirements with minimal risk. We appreciate that whilst in some markets ‘change’ is welcomed positively, within the military sector ‘change’ can also indicate greater risk.

A good example of how Axis helps its customers to mitigate risk is within material supply chain, where Axis provides customers with SCRM reporting (supply chain risk management) to identify and mitigate risk with continuity of material supply throughout the lifetime of a program which can extend 15, 20, 25 even 30 years into the future.

A key current management theme across global industry and the UK defence sector is the promotion of increased ‘collaborative working’ within the supply chain. Axis Electronics not only welcomes greater supply chain collaboration but also promotes it within its own community by contributing within cluster groups, participating in industry ‘think tanks’, by presenting ‘best practice’ at various industry events and hosting ‘best practice’ visits at its Bedford facility to primes, tier 1 and supply chain partners.

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