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Supply Chain

Working closely with our customers we can determine the supply chain strategy best suited to deliver the materials and the information required for their exact requirements.

Established relationships with all major supply chain partners enables Axis to work collaboratively with the supply chain community, both up stream and down stream, to address the key issues we are faced with, such as:

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation and Vendor selection

Sustainable Cost Down

waste reduction as part of Continuous Improvement activity

Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sub tier management

Export Control compliance and documentation management

100% sustainable On Time Delivery and Quality

Conflict Minerals

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act 2010

Country of Origin reporting and evidence

Obsolescence management as part of risk mitigation

Counterfeit avoidance

SAE AS5553, SAE6081 and Def Stan 05-135 Maturity Model

Currency fluctuations as part of risk mitigation and cost down

Lead time increases as part of risk mitigation

Evidence of product authenticity as part of risk mitigation and counterfeit avoidance

Our involvement with A|D|S SC21 provides the platform to drive continuous improvement programmes and establish benchmark standards of performance with our suppliers community, this is no better demonstrated than at our annual supplier conference where best practice is shared amongst our community.

The importance of supply chain has become magnified in recent years due to global legislation, changes in economic conditions and the changing competitive landscape. Axis is involved in many thought leadership groups who regularly refine the exact requirements participants must have mastered to remain a successful supplier into the global defence and aerospace sector for life of program requirements. The historical transaction relationship between customer and supplier is being replaced with a more integrated supply chain philosophy.