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Supply Chain Management

Working closely with our customers we can determine the supply chain strategy best suited to deliver the materials and the information required for their exact requirements.

Axis manage complex supply chains with thier customers to reduce risk, reduce cost and increase operational effectiveness. We have established relationships with all major supply chain partners enabling Axis to work collaboratively within the global electronics supply chain community. Supply Chain management always has challenges, examples of these in 2024 are as follows:

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Axis continues to navigate our way through Red Sea shipping delays, Russian invasion of Ukraine, middle East unrest and recent events such as Covid-19, Brexit, the Suez Canal shipping delays and a global shortage of electronic components


Ensuring 'best value' for our customers whilst embracing Sustainable Procurement and all other legislative requirements

Modern Slavery Act 2015

Managing our international supply chain to ensure legislation is always adhered to and raising any issues we encounter appropriately

Export Control

Ensuring compliance within a post BREXIT international supply chain for both UK export and UK imports and end user certification.

Operational Excellence

100% On Time Delivery and Quality - managing supply chain risks to maximise operational efficiency, reduce risk due to delays and build trusted global supply chains.

Conflict Minerals

Compliance with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act 2010

Country of Origin

Ensuring transparency throughout the supply chain, especially where products have content from multiple different countries.

Obsolescence Management

Early awareness of potential obsolescence and mitigation of risk, using Silicon Experts and intelligent tools to manage, predict and advise on product life cycles.

Counterfeit Avoidance

Compliance to SAE AS5553, SAE6081 and Def Stan 05-135 Maturity Model


Managing our Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities within the international supply chain

Lead Time Management

Working with customers and suppliers to mitigate risk due to Lead Time changes and general uncertainty within our global supply chains.

Social Value

Working with HM Government, Customers and Suppliers to support the Public Services Act 2012

Our involvement with A|D|S through the SC21 Program and the Defence Growth Partnership provides the platform to connect with industry and drive continuous improvement programmes and establish benchmark standards of performance with our customers and suppliers alike.

This is further supported by our membership of JOSCAR.

Axis is also a member within the IPC ESG Committee which gives insight into how the international electronics Supply Chain must evolve to meet the Environmental, Social and Governmental challenges ahead.

As a proud UK SME, we are always looking to learn and develop our people and our strategy through our establish UK industry network to not only thrive within the UK market but also support our customers in the global export market.

Locally, we are members of the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce to connect with our community and local business leaders.

The importance of a connected and integrated end to end supply chain has become magnified in recent years due to global legislation, changes in economic conditions, multiple global conflicts, major events such as BREXIT, the global Covid-19 Pandemic and the changing competitive landscape. Axis is involved in many thought leadership groups who regularly refine the exact requirements supply chain participants must have mastered to remain a successful partner into the UK and global defence and aerospace sector for life of program requirements. The historical transactional relationship between customer and supplier is being replaced with a more integrated supply chain philosophy based on true partnerships that need to positively contribute toward improved Social Value.