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Embedded Computing

Our lean manufacturing principles, high quality standards and focus on customers' needs combines to achieve your exacting requirements.

With competitive pressures on price, lead time, design features and reliability, your brand needs to be supported by a manufacturing and test partner that can meet your exacting requirements and enable you to have a competitive edge. Axis has significant experience in this market, delivering high quality reliable products to industry leading companies.

The technology we manufacture is used in industrial applications as well as Defence applications in Land vehicles and Fast Jet technology.

Axis engages with customers to not only implement DFM recommendations, but also manufacture, system build and then test completed systems before going the extra mile and delivering the tested system to the end customer. This not only reduces costs but also the lead time, giving Axis customers a competitive edge in a challenging market.

To find out more about how Axis Electronics could help your business to achieve its goals, please use the ‘Contact’ page on the website and use the email or phone numbers indicated. We look forward to hearing from you.