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To consistently produce the highest reliability finished product, the company culture is based on continuous improvement with a focus on people, processes and Lean Manufacturing.

The quality standards of Axis Electronics build upon a long heritage of world class manufacturing going back more than 50 years under previous ownership of a major US defence and electronics company. Axis Electronics has numerous quality certifications, including AS9100 rev.D and is also an A|D|S SC21 Silver 6 time multi award winner.

Today, the quality management system is aligned to the specific needs of the aerospace, defence and high reliability industries and is certified to BS EN (AS)9100 Rev D including ISO9001:2015, workmanship standards to IPC A 610 Class 3, processes to J-STD-001 Class 3 and Counterfeit Avoidance to AS5553 / AS6081.

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We are actively engaged in the ADS SC21 ‘Supply Chains for the 21st Century’ program, which is aimed at improving the competiveness of the entire UK Aerospace and Defence Industry, and have a Silver award. The Managing Director of Axis also sits on the steering board.

The SC21 program includes customer aligned quality and delivery performance and also includes independently assessed business, relationship and manufacturing excellence deployment. Manufacturing excellence is based on lean manufacturing tools and philosophy. Business excellence is based on the EFQM business excellence model.

Customer profiles are generated to capture customer requirements and expectations. Customer scorecards are generated and shared with customers to ensure we clearly understand our customers’ perception of our performance and any areas for individual or collaborative improvement.

We encourage our supply chain to adopt similar principles and approaches. Axis Electronics have a Supplier Development Program in place and we work closely with suppliers to assist them in improvements to meet with our expectations and that of our customers.

Axis supports the JOSCAR (the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) which is a collaborative tool used by the aerospace, defence and security industry to act as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information. Using JOSCAR can determine if a supplier is “fit for business”.

Quality in Action

Visitors to our facility in Bedford (UK) will witness first-hand how we have embraced the principles of SC21. Our offices and manufacturing areas are alive with 5S initiatives, SIPOC diagrams, training matrices, KPI performance graphs and tables and CSIPs (Continuous Sustainable Improvement Projects).

We communicate with our staff on a regular basis and use ‘daily stand up meetings’ (DSUMs) as appropriate within our manufacturing teams, monthly customer team meetings, monthly operations team meetings and quarterly ‘all employee’ briefings which are led by the director team.

Axis Electronics is proud to have been visited by both primes and tier 1 companies as an SC21 reference site whereby the successful adoption of the key principles of SC21 is clearly evident within our Bedford facility. If you wish to see SC21 in practice within a leading UK manufacturing business, we would be keen to talk with you about Axis Electronics hosting such a visit here at our Bedford facility.

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Axis Electronics has an ISO14001 compliant Environmental Management System [EMS]. Our EMS compliance is part of our sustainability initiative and we engage closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure our sustainability is throughout the supply chains within which we operate.